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Training Service




Choose kind of training courses for you:

1. Online training course:

With this course, you'll join with a professional and experienced instructor, in a live online class. Choose a course that's right for you or specific for your organization, or simply share it with other members.

Won-Med is complying with current laws regarding the organization of online training courses at Won-Med or at your institution. We will notify you as soon as our online training can start.

2. Direct training at Won-Med Vina (Public training):

Choose the date and course that suitable for you, join with individuals or members from other organisations.

3. Live training at your company ( In house training):

This course will design and tailor according to the industry of each business. This is a face-to-face course with high quality, suitable to the needs of business with the purpose of raising awareness and practice for staff.

4. Online training online, class schedule is set according to your requirements

For a flexible and effective course, choose an online course schedule at any time and place. We are happy to help you achieve the best service.

Best support for you, please contact:


Hotline: +84 978 719 518– Email:

상설 회의

ISO 9001
Quality Management System

ISO 14001
Environment Management System

의사 운영 CT 스캐너

ISO 13485
Medical device Management System

자원 봉사자들 리프팅 건설 프레임

ISO 45001
Health & Safety 

건강 식품

ISO 22000
Food Safety

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