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CE Lifts Safety Directive

Third-party assessment of the lifts conformity

Directive 2014/33/EU requires that, prior to their commissioning, lifts must pass a conformity assessment by a Notified Body, or receive a CE marking and be commissioned directly by the installation company, but only if the latter operated with a certified management system under the said Directive.

Service Details

  • final Examination - Annex V

  • unit Verification - Form G (Annex VIII)

  • certification of the installer’s management system (Total Quality Guarantee plus Project Examination - Form H1 Annex XI)

  • production management system certification (Production Quality Guarantee - Form D Annex XII).

Companies already structured according to the requirements of ISO 9001 can operate according to the forms H1, D and E of the Directive (Annexes XI and XII).


Certification Procedure

  • the lift installation company presents its certification request.

  • depending on the forms chosen by the installer, the service might include a project evaluation and a conformity check of the lift according to the applicable technical standards

  • in order to certify the business management system for the purposes of a CE marking, a team comprising at least one lift technician will evaluate the procedures set up by the company and, via

  • random sampling, the compliance of the installed lifts.

The full text of the Lift Safety Directive can be viewed on the European Commission’s website.

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