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ISO 14001
Environment Management System Building Training

ISO 14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems published by the ISO. It is a voluntary standard that assists organizations to establish, implement, maintain and improve their Environmental Management System. The current version of ISO 9001 was released in 2015.

ISO 14001 is designed to help business still success in commercial without neglecting their environmental responsibilities. This standard can also help business grow while reducing the environmental impact of growth. The ISO 14001 system provides a framework that allows business to meet increasing customer expectations regarding corporate responsibility as well as legal or regulatory requirements.

Deployment, implementation ISO 14001

Build a quality management system and apply ISO 14001 certification specifically for your enterprise, we will help your implementation process as simple as possible.

Are you ready to apply ISO 14001:2015?

For an effective ISO 14001 implementation , organizations need to take into account specific risks that would impact the environmental performance. A more difficult task is the compilation of an implementation plan that balances the requirements of the standard, the business needs and the deadline to become certified.

There is no single blueprint for implementing ISO 14001 that will work for every company, but there are some common steps that will allow organizations to balance the often conflicting requirements and pre- pare for a successful certification audit. Whatever methodology used, the organization must adapt it to its particular context (requirements, size of the organization, scope, objectives, and so on).

Following the new structure of the Annex SL, ISO 14001 is organized into the following main clauses:

Clause 1:   Scope

Clause 2:   Normative references

Clause 3:   Terms and definitions

Clause 4: Context of the organization

Clause 5: Leadership

Clause 6: Planning

Clause 7: Support

Clause 8: Operation

Clause 9: Performance evaluation

Clause 10: Improvement


Maintain the system ISO 14001

Environment management system ISO 14001 an effective within an organization will have benefits in a number of areas, such as:

  • Improved understanding of the business as gained through risk identification and analysis

  • Operational resilience which results from implementing risk reduction

  • Improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency;

  • Improved resource management and waste reduction;

  • Downtime reduction due to the identification of alternative processes and workarounds

  • Improved organizational culture;

  • Enhanced continuous improvement;

  • Process improvement; and avoidance of liability actions

  • Protection of stakeholder value; Increase customer and employee satisfaction;

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