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ISO 22716 Information Security Management System

Training ISO 22716

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What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001:2013 is an international standard that provides requirements for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) to provide ongoing security, integrity and availability of information, and comply with the law. ISO 27001 certification is needed to protect an organization's most important assets such as employee and customer information, brand image and other personal information. This ISO standard covers a process-based approach to deploying, implementing, operating and maintaining an organization's ISMS.

An organization's ISO 27001 certification, is a means of providing assurance that an organization has adopted the system to manage relevant aspects of its operations, products, and services with the organization's policy and the requirements of ISO 27001 for information security management systems


Benefits of ISO 27001

ISMS will help the organization to control and direct information security activities. The good operation of the System will help ensure information security at the organization to be maintained continuously, periodically reviewed and evaluated, and constantly improved to deal with newly arising risks. Activities to ensure information security in the organization will be systematic, reduce dependence on enforcement officers and are always reviewed and evaluated to improve efficiency.


Start applying ISO 27001

The ISO/IEC 27001 standards can be applied to any organization that wants or is required to formalize and improve business processes around the security of an organization's information assets. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard does not specify the size or revenue of an Organization. Even the smallest organization can do it. Implementing ISO/IEC 27001 demonstrates that your Organization has put people, processes, tools and system into a recognized standard. And with the speed of development of information technology today, organizations with faster access to information technology are gradually taking advantage of the entire chain their supply. So you can look at ISO 27001 certification through two issues:

1. As a customer, you want to trust that your relevant suppliers are certificated, especially to help reduce your business risk. Please choose the businesses that apply standards that are consistent and highly reliable not only for business but also for information security trust to avoid risks in your work.

2. Your customers are getting smarter. They love working with supply chain partners application is fully protected.

Training courses to help you start with ISO 27001 >>

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Deployment, implementation ISO 27001

Building an Information Security Management System and applying ISO 27001 certification specifically for your business, we will make the implementation process of your business as simple as possible. This is the tool to turn passion into effective action.

Are you ready to apply ISO 27001:2013?

Every business is separate and unique. Each business is a different stage in implementing the roadmap of ISO 27001 certification.


Certification ISO 27001

Certification of ISMS to ISO/lEC 27001 can provide the following benefits to an organization:

1. Demonstrating independent assurance of internal control and meeting business and corporate governance requirements.

2. Independently demonstrate that applicable laws and regulations have been considered.

3. Create a competitive advantage by meeting requirements through contracts and demonstrating to customers that the security of their information is paramount.

4. Independently verify that the organization's risks are correctly identified, assessed and responded to, with standardization of information security processes, procedures and documentation.

5. Prove the commitment of the top management to information security in all activities.

6. The regular evaluation process helps to continuously monitor and improve the performance of the information security management system.


Why choose certification ISO 27001:2013 at Won-Med

Reasons for you to choose Won-Med's international standard certification services:

  1. Reasonable cost: For the benefit of the interested parties

  2. As soon as possible: Always on time for delivery

  3. Experience experts, improvement opportunities for production process and products  

  4. Enhance added value for the benefit of customers. Improve operations, eliminate waste in the production process

  5. Perfect service: Exceeded customer expectations

  6. Global brand

  7. Quality of Service No.1 for Everywhere.

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